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Verdicts & Settlements

  • $1,000,000

    Products Liability
  • $475,000

    Motor Vehicle Collision
  • $280,000

    Ride Share Negligence
  • $107,000

    Hotel Premises Liability
  • $475,000

    Motor Vehicle Collision
  • $100,000

    Motor Vehicle Collision

Fire Damage

Property Damage Attorney - Fire Damage Claims

Fires cause over 10 billion dollars in damage every year. These claims are usually complex and many factors will determine the outcome of your settlement. Don’t try to settle a complex Fire Damage or Smoke Damage claim on your own. Let the experts at Fagnano Law, P.A. handle the insurance claim process for you. Whether the Fire Damage or Smoke Damage occurred at your residence, your commercial building, or your business, our team can help.

Residential and commercial property can fall victim to fire, a small spark can set ablaze a massive structure. Fire damage is a devastating event that leaves owners in shock. The fire damage can be very severe, from complete destruction to terrible smoke damage. This type of damage proves our point we’re always promoting, “it’s never too early to connect with an insurance lawyers and insurance adjusters.” In many instances of fire damage so many different people get involved, fire department, police, city, neighbors, news media, you should make sure that your professional is on the list.

Of course the first concern in the event of a fire is that everyone is safe and secure. In South Florida fire damage can strike at any moment from different causes. During Florida storms lightening can hit a home causing a fire, electrical fires can strike in many older constructed homes, cigarettes still are a huge cause of home fires, leaving the stove or other appliances on can cause fires, there are countless of possibilities that can randomly come together causing a fire. Home safety measures should always be followed to avoid fires. Call the West Palm Beach property damage law firm Fagnano Law, P.A. to help you with the claim process.