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Slip And Fall Injury Attorney

West Palm Beach Slip And Fall Lawyer

A slip, trip, or fall that causes serious injury does not always warrant litigation, even if you are on someone else’s property. But litigation might be in order when a person trips or falls as a result of hazardous conditions, and the property or business owners could have reasonably prevented the accident through various safety measures.

Do I have a slip and fall case? Slip and fall accidents can arise when property owners fail to keep the premises safe and secure for visitors. Many of these accidents happen in restaurants, businesses, and other public places, and can be caused by poor or insufficient lighting, worn or damaged floors, slippery substances, and other obstacles in walking areas and more.

How do I prove a slip and fall claim? Keep in mind that the extent of your own carelessness in the accident will be evaluated in a case to determine whether the property owner can really be held liable for the resulting damages. Distractions like talking on a cell phone, ignoring or disregarding warning signs, and being somewhere you shouldn’t have been, could all be indicators of personal carelessness. When proving your claim, we will discuss these issues and more to help you strengthen the validity of your slip and fall case.

Palm Beach County Slip And Fall Attorney Will Fight For You

Proving a slip and fall accident wasn’t your fault can be difficult. You must be able to prove the business or property owner neglected to provide sufficient safety or warning measures, or knew about the danger and neglected to resolve it. You must also prove that you are not responsible for the accident.

It is important to hire an experienced west palm beach personal injury attorney to prove that the property owner was negligent by failing to keep their property free of hazards. After thoroughly evaluating your case and analyzing the facts and circumstances of the accident, our slip and fall attorneys in West Palm Beach will be able to determine what your case is worth. We will help you recover damages for medical costs, past and future lost income, pain, and suffering, and any other losses sustained after a slip and fall accident.

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