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Verdicts & Settlements

  • $1,000,000

    Products Liability
  • $550,000

    Food Delivery Driver Accident
  • $550,000

    Commercial Vehicle Accident
  • $475,000

    Motor Vehicle Collision
  • $280,000

    Ride Share Negligence
  • $245,000

    Premises Liability
  • $140,000

    Motor Vehicle Accident
  • $100,000

    Motor Vehicle Collision

Theft Crimes Defense Lawyer

West Palm Beach Criminal Defense Law Firm Fagnano Law, P.A. Represents Those Accused Of Theft Crimes

There are many types of theft crimes including petit theft, grand theft, dealing in stolen property, and organized scheme to defraud. All should be taken seriously and all carry severe consequences if convicted. Often times the charges brought against you depend on the value of the item you are being accused of taking, what you did with that item, and even your prior theft convictions.

At Fagnano Law, P.A. we conduct a thorough investigation, carefully review the evidence or more importantly, lack thereof, and craft a defense plan based on the totality of the circumstances. Whether your being accused of stealing a pack of gum or embezzling millions of dollars we will treat your case with the care, determination, and thoughtfulness it deserves.

The prosecutor has to prove all charges beyond a reasonable doubt. An experienced theft crime defense attorney will be able to spot potential areas in your case that raise reasonable doubt. Attorney Jason Fagnano handled hundreds of theft crimes cases as a prosecutor and he can now put that experience to work for you.

Contact Palm Beach County Theft Crimes Attorney Today.

At Fagnano Law, P.A. your case will be given the time and attention it deserves. Attorney Jason Fagnano knows how the intricacies of theft cases and how to defend them. Call us today for a free consultation at 561-440-1528.